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A visit from Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

On Friday, 9th February, our Upper Foundation Stage pupils participated in Polar Bear day.  This was delivered by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and was a fantastic learning event to finish our Polar Bear topic.  The children had the opportunity to hear about the Polar Bears from the park, dress up as a Polar Bear and even have a look at a Polar Bear footprint, claws and a skull (which they very much enjoyed) we had a superb day learning all about Polar Bears and even I learned something new! Did you know that Polar Bears fur is in fact transparent...not white? Did you know that Polar Bears infact have black skin? What an amazing learning event! Thank you to Miss Gallagher for organising the event and to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park staff for telling us all about these amazing animals.  If you would like to find out more about the park and in particular about their Polar Bears please click the link below,

Mrs Edwards

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